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Esther Muller

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Lars Erlend Bye

Lars Erlend Bye, real estate coach

I have been working in DnB NOR since 2002 after three years at BI, the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo at a specialization in Marketing. I started off as a marketing manager for Postbanken Eiendom and Aktiv Eiendom, a real estate company with 60 offices nationwide in two different brands and 300 agents, in 2002. Three years later, I did a stint as a broker in order to learn the brokerage industry from the field perspective. Six months later, I was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and Chain Manager for a relaunch of the same company as earlier.

So what brought me to coaching? It all started a few of years ago when DnB NOR offered me the opportunity to work with a coach to help me prepare for the next stage of my career. There began my odyssey of personal reflection and self-discovery.

Intrigued by the fact that my coach was also an NLP Master Practitioner, I eventually trained as an NLP Master Practitioner. I took a leave of absence from my job to study at NYU’s Organizational and Personal Coaching Certificate Program, and this summer I will take the NLP Training Certification in California with Robert Diltz.

The coaching process has been both challenging and inspirational. With guidance of my coach, I have developed many new facets of myself, and today I feel like a different, maybe a better person. I am happier, more patient and conscious of my actions, and have discovered my passion and my path. To sum it up, I feel more fulfilled and have achieved a greater quality of life.


Esther Muller, NYU Certified Master Coach with Coach Lars Bye and Michael Williams, Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Touro College, New York, NY

Esther Muller, NYU Certified Master Coach, with coaching collegues Lars Bye, (left) and Dr. Michael Williams, Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Touro College.


Esther Muller

Dr. Williams

Schedule private coaching to improve your real estate career, get focused and rise to the next level of your real estate business. Corporate coaching is also available for real estate brokerage firms on-site or at our instructional site locations in Manhattan.
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